Unsettled – featuring: Freehand, Hoax, and Baka Gajin Unsettled – featuring: Freehand, Hoax, and Baka Gajin
Saturday, November 23

Apparently genre is something you shouldn’t be confined to — well according to Hoax anyway. The Sewing Room & Shark Bait Records present Unsettled, an event tailor made to those who don’t fit in a box. Featuring local talents Freehand, Baka Gaijin and HOAX.

Freehand is the soul fusion outfit and passion project of singer-songwriter Gem Addison. Boasting performances in support of acts such as Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics and a highlight performance before 10,000 climate strikers in September, Freehand’s earnest and dynamic set has been steadily gaining momentum in Perth’s scene. Taking inspiration from soul leaders in Motown and singer songwriter Carole King, along with modern twists influenced by Haitus Kayote and Thando, Freehand is sure to wrap you up in their soul-filled warm energy and keep you on your feet all night long. Baka Gaijin is the musical brainchild of keyboardist and songwriter Ethan Walters, whose knack for sculpting catchy indie pop songs out of totally wacky musical concepts is fully realised in this jazz-fusion four-piece. Joined by Michael Morgan on guitar, Placid’s James Marelich behind the kit, and Koi Child’s Yann Vissac on bass, Ethan indulges in genre-bending to the nth degree, as the band pulls from the shelf influences as wide and varied as the stylings of Jamiroquai, Regina Spektor, and Radiohead, to create a jazz-pop spectacular that has to be heard to be believed. It’s not easy to describe Baka Gaijin as a band, but one thing is for certain: they are utterly unique. HOAX is a fresh four-piece producing a unique sound that can’t be narrowed down to one genre. Featuring unpredictable instrumentals, raw unforgiving lyrics and too many influences to count, the group are set to keep you on your toes.

7pm to 10pm – tickets on the door – Facebook event

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Sewing Room Sessions – November 21
Thursday, November 21

Sewing Room Sessions is a chance to explore fresh tunes and fresh ideas with great local acts up on stage giving you a diverse mix of styles across a 4 band bill of FREE live music. On Thursday November 21 prepare your ears for the sounds of Oceanique, Death by Carrot, Red Dirt, and The Meeck

Chocolate & Wine Masterclass
Thursday, November 21

The Margaret River Chocolate Company has matched its mouth-watering chocolates with wines from sister company Coward & Black Vineyards to create an amazing Chocolate & Wine masterclass experience.

Participants learn all about chocolate and wine and get to taste a range of single origin chocolates as well as pairing chocolates to a variety of red, white, sparkling and dessert wines. The classes also include tastings of three Sambarino chocolate liqueurs, along with a free bottle to take home. They run at the funky new bar in the city, The Sewing Room.

PSYCHeDeLiCiOUS 2K19 Pre-Party
Friday, November 22

PSYCHeDeLiCiOUS 2K19 Pre-Party – The Milky Was Tribe invites you to our first indoor gathering in the Perth CBD this year leading to our annual psychedelic meeting coming up in couple of months. For this takeover, we will transform the dancefloor into a visual delicacy with our new 3d stage design  and mind melting trippy project mapping while our finest selection of local producers/djs will be playing everything in between the psychedelic techno realms to progressive psytrance. These legends will be performing at our main outdoor event in mid December, come for a taste of our homemade psychedelic platter!

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