A Night at the Tavern A Night at the Tavern
Thursday, January 20

Roll the dice for an evening of music, magic, and mischief.

Rhythmos Choir wants to take you on an adventure through time and enjoy the magic of music in this fantastical show. Take a step into a world painted by the words of fantasy and join us for an evening of tunes from and inspired by our favourite fantasy tales. 

With enchanting a cappella from Lord of the Rings and The Witcher, bardic tall tales, heart-wrenching ballads, swashbuckling shanties and so much more!  A Night at the Tavern has something for everyone to watch and enjoy whether you’re tapping your toes or swaying heartily, drink in hand.



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Chocolate and Wine Masterclass
Wednesday, January 26

The famous Chocolate and Wine Masterclass is back at The Sewing Room for FRINGE WORLD Festival 2022!

Cumming of Age
Wednesday, January 26

Cry, laugh, and cringe as Phoebe sings her way through her discovery of masturbation, love, physical intimacy, and long, long… dry spells.

Illusions – a French Cabaret
Wednesday, January 26

a one-woman show, written and performed by Anne Millar

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