Friday, April 09
We are Bass Mafia, we are here. We share a love of D&B. You are invited to join us, either way, we’re gonna do our thing.
We love Reuben Jay aka Manymore. Everyone loves Reuben, lets be honest, because he is awesome. So we decided to feature him on our launch night. We can’t wait.
We love our new family, starting with Maelstrom, Nature, Blkout, Entity and Flip we have blended a mix of established artists with fresh new talent so we can smash out some D&B.
We love that Assassin said he would never take another MC booking unless one day it was MCing for his son. Well on April 9th he will be on the mic for his son, DJ Nature.
We love our artwork, because it is our favourite artist Cal Dust one of Perth’s most incredible artists.
We love supporting Perth artists and talent, and that’s what we’re gonna do. We are Bass Mafia.

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Thursday, April 22

Thirsty for lit local bands on a Thursday night?

Friday, April 23

An important night for heartfelt techno and deep basslines.

Broken Gnomes, supported by Sun Trippers and Natalie D-Napoleon
Friday, April 23

Polished and energetic pop infused suit Broken Gnomes are taking to the stage for delightful night of live sounds at >> Broken Gnomes, supported by Sun Trippers and Natalie D-Napoleon

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