Hiatus Hiatus
Friday, April 16

Hiatus brings to you an event of early inspired base music, influenced by UK and global sounds. Focusing on love for genre, we are excited to bring a lineup of performers and selectors who wish to share the beauty of dubstep with open minded listeners.

Featuring sets from: RokRiley / Crush Mood Trax / Jayden / i33a b2b Fatshaudi / Eastern Bloc / Matt DPZ

Selectors supported by live dancers from autonomove and film projections by Matilda Norrish. This event is supportive of diversity, neutrality and inclusivity. If you feel uncomfortable in any way, shape, or form, please let a selector, performer, or staff member know. We will not tolerate racism, aggression, misogyny, or prejudice.

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Thursday, April 22

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Friday, April 23

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Broken Gnomes, supported by Sun Trippers and Natalie D-Napoleon
Friday, April 23

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