Sewing Tunes II with JamArt and Ben Blend Sewing Tunes II with JamArt and Ben Blend
Saturday, October 31

Ben blend live duo, with Rob and Ben gracing the stage to entertain us with soulful/rock/punk/metal, acoustic tunes with Star quality vocals, accompanied by the Jamart live duo, consisting of Toni and Ersh, who are searching for a connections using different genres to tap into your various emotions in an attempt to satisfy your inner self. 

6pm to 10pm – FREE ENTRY – Facebook event

coming soon

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Malachy – event in support of the “Right to Legacy”
Thursday, October 22

2ND SHOW ANNOUNCED: All in support of the “Right to Legacy”

Friday, October 23

Join us at The Sewing Room for a night of Beyoncé tunes on heavy rotation!!!!!! + some of ya other fave (non-Bey) pop & bop tunes in between throughout the night.

The Secret Buttons & Primal Vinyl DJ live at The Sewing Room
Friday, October 23

Perth’s favourite dirty garage 3 piece make their ‘The Sewing Room’ debut on Friday October 23

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