Space Space
Friday, April 23
An important night for heartfelt techno and deep basslines.
Featuring a widely influenced line up of local artists willing to lay down no-nonsense, hard hitting sounds to create the ultimate bunker experience.
The lights will be low, the smoke will be thick and all will be lost in time and space.
IG: @space.perth
There will be no tolerance for violent, intimidating or harassing behavior. Offenders will be removed from the event.

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MSU Presents: Jukebox Live
Wednesday, May 19

MSU is back and excited to announce our Annual Charity event – 𝙅π™ͺπ™ π™šπ™—π™€π™­ π™‡π™žπ™«π™š!

THIRSTDAYS w/ 3’s A Crowd, Frank, Antenna Ultra, Windswell, Caution Horses
Thursday, May 20

Thirsty for lit local bands on a Thursday night?

Corduroy Shaman Boy / Saint Street / The Meeck
Friday, May 21

Three indie up and comers get on stage at The Sewing Room Friday May 7 to share their stories and good vibes in Perth’s best underground space.

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